Happy Wheels Unblocked

Happy Wheels is a perfect game for arcade game lovers. It is funny, interesting, and quite intense game. The game contains scenes including body damage, bloody crushes, limbs or head loosing etc.

which might be harmful for children to play. Happy Wheels is an app only for iOS users yet. Developers are still posting about problems for android versions and they hope that they will release it soon. However, the latest post about android version was in December 2016, that they are “actively working on the Android version”.

The first version was announced to be published in 2013, but it delayed for two years and first version released on 2015 for iOS phones. The latest update was done in December 2016.

The game requires iOS 7.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The game is free to download but there are in-app purchases, also the app contains adds and player can pay $1.99 to remove adds. This game lovers might be willed to remove ads because the game is very intense, very addictive and ads become pretty annoying which makes us to pause the game and our attention and excitement.

Happy Wheels is physics based game. It contains challenges to overcome pretty hard obstacles. In the game player can use 6 different characters such as Business guy; irresponsible dad; wheelchair guy; effective shopper; moped couple and pogostick man. During the game player meets quite hard obstacles to overcome. Character needs to overcome different level obstacles, to jump on a higher layer of lower one. Player needs to be creative too because he/she might need to use various tools in a different technique. While playing you will meet lot of different obstacles. They are quite unpredictable. For ex., your character wheelchair man is driving his wheelchair on a flat surface and suddenly the road under him collapses. So that, player needs lots of concentration and readiness.

Each character has their own goals for each level. They must reach to the destination point. Based on the game complexity and unpredictable obstacles, it is very easy to crush until the destination point. Despite this, characters can go on playing, even their limbs are broken or they lost them at all. Game contains quite bloody scenes.

In this review it is mentioned several times that game contains bloody scenes such as limbs or head loosing. Some obstacles wounds up characters. It is quite hard to watch because it contains many violent scenes.

Firstly, the game had lower age restriction. It was rated as 12+. But then by customers’ reviews and amount of violence in it they increased age restriction. Player must be at least 17 years old to download this game because it contains violence scenes and lots of blood.

By its popularity Happy Wheels is rated as second highly demand game in app store. Due to comments and reviews many gamers are addicted on that game as long as they find it very intense and challengeable game.