Happy wheels is a physics ragdoll game created by Jim Bonacci. It features characters and vehicles with each level giving players a new
experience. Surviving deadly traps, hazards is the battle to overcome for you to move to the next stage. Unlike other games, your success is
living and not winning.


Happy wheels is a game that has become very popular. Some think of it as a children’s game but it is in fact complex than most people think.

Development of happy wheels

The development of this game began in 2006 by Jim Bonacci who is a programmer and artist for this game. The inspiration behind the creation
of this game was from ragdoll physics games that he used to play with his former boss. He first created a character who was in a wheelchair
who kept trying to go up a hill but kept falling back. Since he thought it was funny, he kept expanding it until what it was when he released it to
the market.

So far this game has generated more than 5 million user-generated levels and the total count of level plays is more than 13 billion. This is to
show how great the reception for the game has been. The game is now available on IOS and Android with mobile applications now available to
play the game.

How to play Happy Wheels

The game players start out easily as boneless figures who are only able to undertake the use of their funny-looking driving devices. The
devices are items like Pogo stays, carts used in the food market, lawnmowers and many others. The devices are unlocked at each level.

If players do not keep their driving devices in their boneless character risk losing the game automatically when this happens. Typically, there is
no continuation of the game once the character falls out of the cars and that is how one loses the game prematurely. Therefore, players must
watch out for this possibility occurring otherwise they can lose the game as soon as it has started.

Participants are also required to search for hidden traps that have the potential to cause destruction, damage or maim the character. This is a
demanding task, perhaps even more demanding than preventing the character from falling off the car. The main reason why prevention is
required is to prevent loss of blood through accidents because the barriers can hit people on various parts of their bodies.

The game is available to be played online but make sure that the site you visithas happy wheels unblocked. Some computers block the flash
players that support the game and that is hence the reason to click on happy wheels unblocked.

Tips for playing the game

As a gamer, you must give maximum attention to the game and to avoid funny looking parts as well as peel the eyes off when survival is
required. A lapse in concentration will automatically have you kicked out immediately. However, this should not take away the fun of being too
serious or tense. After all. you are supposed to be enjoying and laughing through the process.

In the beginning, the game can be quite difficult although fun to play. Players must be patient to learn the ropes and not should not give up
when the going gets tough. As a beginner, you should not be in a hurry to move to the next level. Give it enough time to learn through the ropes
before becoming a pro which will happen in due course.

To start the game, players push a green button and then pick the levels they want to start playing at. Itis preferable to start with a training
course that allows users to use their character to be moved by the keyboard keys around.

In the game, there are some people who may have extra commands and when a character dies, you can continue with the game by pressing
CTRL and R to restart. You could also click on the ‘Back to menu” button to achieve the same objective.

Interesting Game

Happy wheels 2 has simple actions that help players interested at all times. This is the kind of game that you do not get bored with and itis so
entertaining. Part of the reason why it is entertaining is due to the fact that stages last for a few minutes. The plots are really short and you don’t
get bored going round in circles with long plots like other games would offer.

The creators of the game are said to have released few levels and left it to the players to produce and load new levels through the level
manager. This is what makes this game so interesting because as a player you have the ability to create other levels and you are not restricted
to follow what the creator of the group wanted. You are simply liberalized. For this reason, this game has thousands of unique levels.

Many people have been attracted to this game because they are allowed to create their participant degrees. Other games in its league are
nowhere near this. Gamers like most humans like the freedom to own and create which they are given when they play this game.


Happy wheels have been reviving positive reviews since its release to the market. It is now considered one of the best free games one can play
online. Review has heaped a lot of praise for the amount of user-generated content it offers. They are happy that they feel involved when
playing it and they plan their own levels.

Most reviewers consider is a humorous game that they enjoy after a challenging day at work or school. The way characters are torn apart
makes it hard to play but also humorous for players. The humor is what keeps them playing it even as groups of friends. It has a top-level of
violence that involves the attacks on the characters.

You can play the game for free at total jerface on the website happywheelsio.com which provides the happy wheels unblocked
thereby enabling you to play directly without any hitches of flash restrictions.